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The Russian regime brutally persecutes those who condemn the war against Ukraine. They're being fined, and administrative and criminal cases are brought against them. Nevertheless, there are still those among Russians who are not afraid to speak out and support Ukraine. Such actions are not of a mass character, and nevertheless various people from all corners of Russia, from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad, regularly draw anti-war graffiti, wear clothes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, lay flowers at monuments to Ukrainian cultural figures, go to squares with banners and express their civic position in other ways.

Memorial Society volunteers closely follow everything that is happening in this area and publish weekly summaries of Russian anti-war protests. It is important that these digests include the actions of those Russians who are still living in Russia, since they are the ones who are directly at risk for expressing their anti-war views.

Czech Memorial has joined this important documentary project. We hope that the short digests describing the anti-war protests inside Russia will help Czech readers to get an idea of the internal dynamics of Russian society in wartime. We also believe it is important to give those who disagree with their country's policies a voice. We will translate and publish new texts in Czech every week, and you can already read digests of anti-war protests from March 2023 (in Czech).